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About MSC London

Mens Style Council (MSC) is an independently operated fashion site that is dedicated to bringing those with a passion for all things fashion and grooming together in a single hub, crafted with the words of an array of dedicated and experienced fashion writers.

With the simple mission to provide insight, news and opinions on everything from the latest fashion trends through to new product launches and grooming essentials, we believe that we are the ultimate platform for those that are looking to take a break from the manic fight we call life.

Our team of writers, editors and photographers will be gracing the streets of London and larger cities across the UK as we look to become a name that many will be able to relate to, making us a formidable force in the world of online publishing, so if you see us about don’t hesitate to show us your own personal style as you too could find yourself listed in our street style section.

Operating as a not for profit online hub, we don’t accept sponsored placements to ensure that we continue to provide you with only articles and stories that we firmly believe in, so you can expect to only see products that we actually have tried earning a mention, after all our integrity is one thing that the bigger publishers simply can’t match.

We may be small in statue, we believe that we have plenty of value to add to the online world and we want your help to be able to help us shape the site, so if you feel that we need to branch out into other aspects, have a concept that you would like to become the editor for or simply want to tell the team what a great job we have done, drop us a message.

As unique as our personal style

When we created Mens Style Council London, we set out the aim to bring something new to the world of online publishing and that means that although we may have a variety of areas within the site that could be covered elsewhere on the internet, our opinions are our own.

We will also be rolling out areas within the site that are designed to be different from the rest, after all MSC want to bring our unique personality to the market and steer away from being yet another corporate operated platform.

Let’s revolutionise the fashion site market and break the mould that seems to become the norm for those looking to move into the space, allowing us to be different in all of the right places.