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Affiliate Disclosure

MSC London is a site that is created at a cost to the provider and as a way to be able to aid with the monthly costs that are incurred while our website is available online, there could be instances were the links within some of the content could be classified as affiliate links.

These links, although point you to the products that we mention in our content, do feature an unique ID that is specific to MSC London that allows retailers to be able to see whether we have provided them any form of visitors direct from our website to theirs.

If once you land on the retailer website and opt freely to purchase anything during that visit, MSC London would be rewarded by the retailer for the referral, mainly through the payment of a percentage commission based on the total value of your purchase.

We would like to assure you that this commission payment is not payable by you, instead it is taken from the profits that retailers make from selling the items that you have purchased from them directly.

If you would like to remove our affiliate ID prior to making your purchase, you can simply navigate to your internet browser’s settings and request for the browser to clear ‘Cookies’, once you have done that simply refresh your browser and your purchase will be completely affiliate ID tracking free.

We should note that as a website that is operating independently, we do not receive funding or alternative payments from anywhere other than through our earnings from affiliate income and banner ad placement from Google Adsense.

These earnings are used to help to maintain the servers, services and encourage content for our website and no authors on this website are paid any sort of compensation for the fantastic content that they create.