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5 Best Summer Shoe Styles For Men

best summer shoes for men

The spring season is about to pass through and as the sun begins to make its somewhat short appearance and although we would all like nothing but to relax on a sandy beach, the fact is that most of your summer is likely going to be spent hitting the pavements.

With the temperatures set to be on the rise, we have created you a must have list of 5 types of shoes that you need in your arsenal if you are going to be able to harness the summer trends this year like a boss.

Spoiler: There are no flip flops here!

Suede Penny Loafers

Considered by many as the king of versatility in the shoe world, loafers are suitable for almost every occasion, whether it be a day in the office or heading to your favourite bar, these were naturally going to be found in our list.

While there are a number of different loafer styles available these days, going with the classic penny loafer, complete with tassel, will truly unlock the versatility that these utility style shoes offer.

Dress them up with a pants, shirt and blazer or go with a more relaxed summer look and reach for your t-shirt and summer shorts, either way they finish off your look perfectly and look completely at home as long as you opted for a more natural suede colour.

Boat Shoes

boat shoes

Boat shoes have already seen their trend over a year ago however they are back now and ready to ditch that frat boy, preppy look to become the star of the show as you look for shoes that are lightweight and breathable on those warmer days.

Offering a middle ground for those of you that are looking to make an effort but not go too over the top, deck shoes are well up there as a must have addition to your shoe collection to keep you ready for anything.

While we do list boat shoes within the list, please don’t mistake our selection as being relative to the type that feature over the top designs or laces, as this is one of those times where a timeless classic seems to have been taken to a level they should never has seen.

Keep things basic and you will thank us later as they become yet another utility option.

White Sneakers

Monotone sneakers potentially offer you the widest range of style, especially if you go with a more clean and classic finish and that is the sort that we are going to include into our list.

Crisp, clean and without heavy branding, they too can become an integral part of your summer collection and with very little effort they can take an over the top outfit down to a more relaxed look in a matter of seconds.

While it can be tempting to look more towards the continuing releases of bright colours or patterned finish choices out there, a classic white leather with matching sole is always going to be the better choice when trying to find the footwear to finish off that look.

As comfy and versatile as your white sneakers are going to be, you definitely need to take a moment to think about where you are intending to wear them because the moment that you stain them, they will never look the same again so stick to wearing these when not going out in wet weather and sticking to the pavement.

Suede Derbies

There will be times this summer that you will want to ditch the sneaker look at make sure that your feet look as great as your outfit and when it comes to dressing up your outfit there are so many options out there for you to choose from.

While leather shoes fail to cater for the warmer weather, suede has staged a comeback with vengeance and once again our list features yet another example in the suede Derbies variety.

A classic smart shoe, Derbies have been a popular choice for those that want to add a touch of class to their outfit but with temperatures way too high to be comfortable rocking leather, here we are again tipping their suede alternative as hot property this season.

Okay so Derbies aren’t the cheapest option on the market but while they claim money can’t buy happiness, it can buy style and that is what you are getting when you listen to our recommendation here.

Classic lines, smart finish and shoes that are going to give you a sense of class whether paired with a more smart attire or dressing up a more relaxed smart casual look.

For the best value for money, always look to go with a lighter shade of suede in order to make them more suitable for wearing with lighter outfits as the chances are those darker items are going to be pushed aside when given the choice.


When wearing sneakers simply isn’t going to cut it, there are so little options out there that offer you the more relaxed feel they offer than espadrilles, yet if you look past the more budget lines you can still rock that look with footwear that doesn’t look out of place with whatever look you are going for.

Locked and loaded to finish of your relaxed, laid back look or just as prepared to offer a more suitable look to those outfits that those kicks simply can’t compliment without looking out of place.

Don’t be afraid to ditch the socks here either as so many seem to try to couple espadrilles with ankle socks and that puts them firmly into the same category as those that rock socks and sandals in our eyes.


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