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5 Ways To Tell If Your Style Has Gone Stale

5 ways you know you are in a style rut

While personal style has never been about making sure that you conform to the latest trends, it can be hard to know when you have fallen into somewhat of a fashion rut and without being able to see that fact, getting out of it can be a challenge.

Many claim that the first step to tackling a problem is to accept you have it in the first place, however if you have become blind to the fact that your style simply hasn’t moved forward the fact is that you aren’t ever going to be able to do anything about it, so we are here to help.

Here are 5 ways to be able to identify that you have fallen into a style rut and a couple of ways that you can take the steps needed to be able to revitalise it before you slip into the fashion shadows.

Those wardrobe clear outs are becoming less cut throat

We all have certain items within our wardrobe that get that additional seal of approval while we are looking to get ready for the day ahead, however as styles progress that means that at times we are going to have to part with one or two of those items, as painful as that may be.

The fact is, although that designer shirt that you love to couple with your best work suit may well have cost you the equivalent of a month’s wages, but it comes with a lifespan and all of that frequent wear is taking its toll.

Shirts become faded, styles become dated and over time the look of your shirt turns from screaming class to silent whimpers of a life after your wardrobe and if it has reached this point already, you are already delaying the inevitable.

Keeping your style on point is always going to mean that you will have to whittle down your wardrobe throughout the year and if you are beginning to find that the casualties of your clothing cull are becoming less and less, it’s time to freshen things up a little bit.

Spend a little bit of time going through your wardrobe and ask yourself whether the clothes that present themselves to you are really part of your current style, keeping hold of clothing that simply don’t get to see the outside of your bedroom is completely and utterly pointless.

While we know that parting with that comfy shirt or ‘out there’ blazer is going to be a tough pill to swallow, rip that band aid off quickly and free it from the depths of your wardrobe to either find a new home or retire to clothing heaven.

Everything looks the same

everything looks the same

Okay so we all have those essentials that we like to make sure are locked and loaded, ready for action when we need them and more often than not they are made up of plain shirts and shirts.

While they are often the epicentre of your daily wear, falling into the trap of having 20 of the same style and same colour shirts simply isn’t the way to deal with your preference, especially if you have a fetish for monotonal shades of blue or white.

We understand that they fit into your personal style and it may well seem like you definitely need more of them to keep you looking as good as you think you look, however if you only have plain shirts staring back at you when you open your wardrobe, the fact is that you have fallen into the zone of lack of adventure.

As subjective and personal as your style may be, there is certainly no need to stick to what you know as doing so will soon result in your style fading into the background and more often than not you will be stepping out in outfits that you have sported time and time again, even if that is your brand new white shirt you are rocking.

While strutting your stuff in similar styles isn’t as much fashion suicide as many seem to believe, falling into the same old will certainly have people thinking that you have lost your touch and we don’t want that now do we?

Clothes in your wardrobe simply don’t go together

When it comes to personal style, there truly are no limits to what you can make look great however you need to be consistent and buying a widely varied collection of clothing is going to make that much harder to pull off.

While those tartan lumberjack shirts may well empathise your body in all of the right places, going from that to a plain, fitted shirt is sending all of the wrong signals to your fashion brain as you are simply leaving way too much variance between each end of your fashion spectrum.

Now don’t think that we are telling you that you need to keep to a small variation of the style you love because we aren’t saying that, instead you need to establish where your style compass is pointing and buy within that focus.

Getting this right will mean that although you only have one or two suits for work, your style will never become tired as your collection of shirts and blazers will always be able to breathe new life into them as long as they can marry together seamlessly.

Remember that although you could be sporting a blue suit, there is nothing stopping you from dressing that up with a refreshing colour injection through your selection of tie and pocket square.

If you open your wardrobe and you have a vast array of wildly different colours and styles starring right back at you, it’s time to tame it for your own good.

If you can’t couple the shirts with a blazer, suit and wear it on its own it simply has to go.

I’ll have my usual

having the same hair cut time and time again

While style is predominantly associated with your fashion sense, there are other aspects that tailor the completed look to the point that you need to be paying attention to them just as much as you are your wardrobe.

If you find that every time that you step into the barbers you are simply asking for the same style as the last time you were there, the time before that and the time before that, then it’s time that you took a little more time to think about how you can freshen your look up a little bit.

You may not think that your hair will impact the finished look of your outfit but take a leap of faith and believe us when we say that making even the smallest change here will reignite your style.

Even simply changing the length of your fade or restyling the length on top will impact your finished look to the point that it becomes noticeable.

You always stick to the fragrances you know

Although finding the right fragrance seems to be an art form in itself, falling into the rut of always buying the same bottle of your favourite scent becomes almost too easy.

The thing with fragrances is that as unmistakable as the more premium scents are in a crowded room of lower priced aftershave is, wearing the same scent day in, day out results in people becoming nose blind.

We love Creed Aventus as a scent, however wearing it for daily life isn’t going to be viable unless you have deep pockets and even then you are running the risk of that scent losing it’s ability to draw the right attention.

Instead of sticking to what you know, spend a little time looking at what fragrances offer similar notes to what you like, that way you are more likely to be able to find other fragrances that will suit your preference without having to spend hours at the perfume counter.


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