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The Guide To Going Sockless

how to wear shoes with no socks guide

Summer is coming and we are about to see the influx of guys that are looking to free their feet as they take to the street but although we fully support ditching your socks, there are a number of fundamental rules that you need to follow to make it look classy, not trashy.

With the trend born out of the trends created by designers like Thom Browne who opted to come up short when it can to suit trouser length and as the UK fashion lovers continue to experiment with the look, it seems that many still seem to be missing the mark when it comes to making the trend work for them, so here are some of the fundamental rules you need to remember if you are going to free the ‘Mankle’.

Dress Those Mankles

I know that you will be looking at this and thinking how can you dress your mankles if you are about to ditch your socks, well where you have an absence of socks you need to be making sure that you are finishing your look perfectly before those ankles.

When opting to go sock-less, you need to take a moment to think about what legwear you are going to be rocking with that skin look just above ground level, whether you are going for a pair of shorts or maybe you have a favourite pair of chino pants that you want to couple the look with?

Well depending on the look you decide, here are a couple of tips ways that you can dress those ‘mankles’ correctly and avoid looking like you left the house in a hurry this morning…

The Trouser Roll

trouser roll

A style that may play back memories of trousers that have made their way down the family to you in the early years, the trouser roll is potentially the easiest way to adapt your pants to be able to accommodate for that flash of skin you are looking to show.

By far the easiest way to be able to prep your trousers for that sock free look, it works best with pants that have a skinnier style as anything with legs that are too wide are going to frequently freeing themselves from the roll up and can become a pain to maintain in position unless you use a fastener of some sort.

The roll up is more for casual styles that you are looking to sport and really should only be deployed when you are going with chino style trousers.

The Pin Roll

When it comes to wearing denim going with the more basic trouser roll isn’t always going to cut it and that is where the ‘pin roll’ comes into its own, creating more of a cuffed appearance that sits closer to the leg than its less timely alternative.

If done correctly the pin roll method is ideal for those that are looking to show off those newly purchases sneakers but again there are limitations that come with it, as it simply doesn’t work with wider legged jeans as too much resides above the cuff.

While the name may suggest that you are going to need to pin your pants to hold the tighter appearance, that isn’t always the case for those that are able to keep those roll ups tight, however that comes with plenty of practise as you want to ensure that you are keeping those fold lines straight.

How to do a trouser pin up video

The Turn Up

This is perfect for those that are looking to take their more fitted lines and take a couple of inches off the bottom to be able to free those ankles for the world to see, but don’t get fooled into thinking this is the same as when your mother used to turn your pants up after buying you the wrong length.

To be able to pull off the turn up, you are going to need those precision lines to be right and that will only come with taking a stitch to them, professionally.

Forget what you learnt in home economics in school as to be able to make this look work you are going to want to be finishing these to a tailored flare to ensure that your lines are correct and even and lets face it, taking your shop bought needle and thread to those designer suit trousers is not going to end as smoothly as you may think.

The Crop

trouser crop

Believe it or not but the freeing of the ankle came from the trend that saw high end designers looking to serve your pants up short and with the popularity of ditching those socks still very much alive there are a number of designers that continue to purposely create cropped trousers.

While many associate cropped pants to be a more female fashion statement, the fact is that men are now catered for too and when coupled with a classic style of leather Oxford Derbies, they certainly make a statement.

The key to being able to pull this look off successfully is completely down to getting those tailored lines correct, your trousers should be finishing before they reach the ankle not on or below them, otherwise you are going to look like you have failed to notice that your legs are too long for your choice of legwear.

Don’t Ditch – Go Invisible

While the chance to be able to free your feet completely seems like a great idea at the time, the moment that you slip your feet into your shoes you are going to find out why so many guys are deciding not to go without but simply go invisible when it comes to socks.

The sock-less trend has inspired a new generation of socks that are made just for this, giving you the ability to free the ‘mankle’ while still giving you the feel of wearing socks, something that you should always do when reaching for shoes with a leather upper.

Invisible socks are widely available these days and there are options out there that roughly the same cost of buying more traditional ankle socks, however they boast a silhouette that depicts the sock-free look that you are looking to achieve without the sweating.

Although there are cheaper options out there that would be suitable for wearing with sneakers, if you are going to be looking to rock those leather Oxford Derbies, you should definitely look for the style that include rubber grips on the bottom as that will stop them slipping down your foot.


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