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3 Wireless Earphones To Boost Your Gym Sessions

3 headphones that will power your workout sessions

It has been scientifically proven that listening to music while working out does offer you a boost in your performance, meaning that getting your favourite artist blasting through your earphones as you look to battle through the fatigue is vital if you want to push your pain threshold, so we thought that we would take a look at some of the best wireless headphones out there right now so that you can push your limits without wired restriction.

With the new Apple iPhone 7 due to see the release of the Apple AirPods as standard, we know that not only having those balancing in your ears is going to have your mind side tracked to the max, but just spare a thought of losing or breaking them and the cost that will come with replacing them…

We have all tried the smaller, inner ear earphones that usually come with your phone but unfortunately we haven’t been able to get on with them and because of their ability to escape the ear or cause soreness, we will always have the ‘bigger is better’ mentality when it comes to getting into the zone and our top 5 picks reflects that.

Beats Solo 2 Active – £270

Beats Solo 2 Active Headphones

Beats Solo 2 Active have seen one of the brands most popular collections evolve over time to become something more than just another set of earphones that carry a celebrity name, the sound is as smooth as silk and offers crisp hard hitting bass to push you through those more challenging reps.

Clean lines with sleek design make these as aesthetic as the gym body that you are looking to achieve and feature the noise cancelling technology that you’ll be pleased to have when the gym next to you starts to grunt under the weight he’s attempting.

Sennheiser Urbanite XL – £250

Sennheiser Urbanite XL headphones

Boasting an impressive battery life that claims to be 25 hours of wireless music listening, the Sennheiser Urbanite XL are a great choice for those that will be looking to get into the zone while travelling to the gym from work or home, keeping that music blasting throughout your journey to the gym and well into the recovery period that you’ll need after that mammoth weight session that you have planned.

Clean lines and finished in a duo of black and white make these as smooth as your latest chest wax without the red pain filled area where your chest hair used to reside.

A great sound that is ready to submerge you into the combat zone as you stare down that next set of weights and get ready to reach your personal best, again.

Gibson Trainer TH100 – £200

Gibson Trainer TH100 headphones

Created by a brand known for their guitars, the sound is as good as they look in their all white colourway, making sure that you can hear every last bass drop while under the pressure of feeling those muscles burn, knowing that you have just a few more reps to hammer home before your free.

Comfortable to wear thanks to their Flyknit covering, the Gibson Trainer TH100 certainly offer a great alternative to the two more expensive wireless earphone options that we have already mentioned, saving on the lure of an overstated endorsed brand for something that has a true root of pure sound magic.


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