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Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Review

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein

We already know that protein is key if you are going to make your time in the gym work for you and whey protein shakes are inexpensive and easy to implement into your daily intake routine, making them a must for any fitness lover that simply doesn’t have the time to be cooking a chicken breast off while travelling to work.

Now when it comes to whey protein, you may think that all are created equally but that really isn’t the case, I mean who else has made the mistake of thinking that they are doing the right thing in purchasing the cheaper whey protein powders, thinking that they are getting the same benefits while being kinder on their wallet?

If you answered ‘me’ there, you will know only too well that there is much more to whey protein than the way it affects the body… Think taste, mixability and most importantly ease of drinking – afterall no one wants to have to force feed themselves the huge clumps of mess that stick to the bottom of the shaker in the bid to get the most out of their latest mix do they?

Okay so Optimum Nutrition ‘Gold Standard’ 100% Whey Protein – How did it stack up?

Ingredients – 9/10

Boasting of 24 grams of protein per scoop, the level of protein per ‘portion’ is good and still leaves you a little room to be able to couple the drink with a little further protein intake such as beef jerky or a similar protein rich snack food.

Finishing off the other vital statistics that you will be wanting to know, ON Gold Standard has 1 gram of fat and 3 grams of carbohydrates, however it should be noted that 1 gram of those carbs is attributed to sugar.

Now not ones to rest on the possibility that these figures will match up across the brand, we noticed that these stats can change based on the various flavours that ON offer within their ‘Gold Standard’ whey protein range, so be sure to take a look at the label to allow you to work the benefits into your dietary routine better – The one that I tested was Chocolate Malt flavour.

Taste – 10/10

Right, so again those that have tried some of the cheaper alternatives to ON will be able to tell you that taste is everything when it comes to being willing to incorporate protein drinks into your diet and going cheaper simply means that you are going to have to really force yourself to not only drink the shake but also keep it down!

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey Protein delivered big time when it came to flavour, infact it has become one of the better tasting whey protein powders that we have tasted on the market (believe me, there have been more than a few!).

The ON guys know that taste is vital and that is why you will find 24 flavours on the shelf carrying their formula and that is great as it means that you can pick out the one that you feel you can stick with and when you get a little bored of it, you can move onto the next.

Having tasted a couple of the favours on offer, I would recommend that you test out Double Rich Chocolate as the strawberry one become a little more challenging to take the more that you had.

Mixability – 10/10

Optimum Nutrition have completely nailed this one, the powder is fine and easy to mix into both milk or water, however is packed with enough about it to be able to be easily added to those morning oats if you want to kick start your day with an added boost of protein in the morning.

I personally use a shaker and that works fantastically well and leaves very little, if any, clumpage in the bottle when i use it and would suggest that you look to use cold water as that seems to add a little more to the drink (don’t ask me why!).

In order to test it for you guys as much as possible, I also loaded a pint glass and stirred it up with a folk, which although worked well, it did take a little longer than it would if you were simply shaking it up on the way out of the gym, so i’ll be sticking with a shaker.

Dosing – 10/10

This is pretty much standard across the board when it comes to whey protein powders and if you find one that is telling you that it needs more than a single scoop to deliver, i would seriously consider whether you should be bothering with it in the first place.

ON Gold Standard comes with a scoop which is designed to do the measuring of the dose you need without too much fuss and its easy to use, however for those that are just starting out on whey protein here is a little tip – The scoop tends to be buried inside the powder so you are going to need DRY hands to fish it out in the first instance!

Value for Money – 9/10

I have no problem with coming out here and saying that I consider Optimum Nutrition ‘Gold Standard’ Whey Protein to be an industry leader, not only in taste and effectiveness but on price too.

Okay so it does cost more than the stuff that most of the stalls in the market sell but there is a clear reason for that, quality.

A great, clean and easy to use protein shake that can easily be used within food and to mix into your protein icecream ingredients (yeah, that does exist!).

If you check out the smaller size first and then love it as much as I do, stepping up and purchasing the 10lbs pack is a great option and that means that the monsterous pack will cost you roughly 60 pence per serving – Less than a bottle of water with much more to give.

Side Effects – 8/10

Okay so those of you that have been using Whey Protein supplements for a while and are just checking out my review will be wondering what this section is here for, after all your body is already used to supplementation within your diet.

However, for those of you that are just starting out and want to know what the best whey protein powder is to start with, I should mention that there have been reports of new supplementating users saying that they had a little cramping.

This is a natural reaction to your body trying to get used to the additional supplements and protein that you are feeding it, however in order to cover myself… I’m not a medical professional and should you experience these symptoms while using the supplement over a long period – Stop and speak with yoour doctor.


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