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Balls vs Blocks Game Claims Number One Spot

We have a new leading app at both App Store and Google Play in the shape of Balls vs Blocks, a new addicting game that will keep you as sharp as a knife.

balls vs blocks game online

Gaming apps developers have always have the ambition to see their title listed at the top of the app charts and there is one game developer that can now cross that off their bucket list after they saw their game Balls vs Blocks take centre stage.

The ball based title will see mobile gamers tasked with having to create a snake-like string of balls as they navigate through the twists and turns of the obstacle ridden course ahead, picking up more balls as they go before having to make a snap decision over which block they can safely pass through to advance further into the level.

Available for both iOS and Android, the simple yet very addictive game has already won over a host of mobile gamers who have rushed to play the game that reminds many of a wide range of other ball related games that have also seen their time at the top of the charts across both platforms.

The developer, known only as Voodoo, has already shown that he is willing to ensure that gamers are given the best gaming experience possible from his app, releasing an update earlier today that added further language support for both Chinese and Japanese users.

With the raise to the top comes a huge amount of pressure to perform and according to the number of five star reviews that are already supporting the game across both of the relevant app store’s, Balls vs Blocks is certainly doing that.

A search online seems to offer just a limited number of options for those that are looking to play the game without having to download it, but we have found this site that says you can play Balls vs Blocks online for free with them.


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