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Call of Duty WW2 Will Ditch Unlimited Sprint Capability

Well it looks like you can forget about those quick sprints across the map in the upcoming Call of Duty WW2 as Sledgehammer Games have confirmed that unlimited sprint is staying in the future.

call of duty ww2 no unlimited sprint

After years of crying out for a trip back to their gaming roots, Call of Duty fans have finally had their battle cries heard and the pending release of Call of Duty WW2 will see the gaming franchise step back in time to give us the ‘boots on the ground’ game we have craved.

Amid excitement that seems to have emerged about the title there are a number of assumptions that were made surrounding whether the backwards movement would eliminate a number of the biggest complaints that gamers have about the last few titles that the Call of Duty series released.

With futuristic battles obviously becoming the focal point of the first person shooter series, many complained that the franchise had lost its way, opting to introduce the likes of plasma weapons, exoskeletons, wall running and jump boosting as they looked to intensify the battle zone.

While some gamers did accept the changes as being part and parcel of a futuristic war genre, the game saw a majority if its fans crying out to have the changes reversed in more recent titles however the release of Call of Duty Black Ops 3 failed to see the inhuman boosts removed, instead adding even more focus on droids and battle bots as the series moved even further into the future.

Activision did step up to the mark in some manner though, releasing a remastered version of the popular Call of Duty Modern Warfare, which allowed those that were wanting to be able to taste the sort of gameplay that made the franchise as powerful as it is now the ability to be able to do so.

Having already shared that Call of Duty WW2 is certain to be a ‘boots on the ground’ style game, developers Activision have remained fairly tight lipped about the internals of what we can expect to see after making a global reveal that give just a hint of what was to come to those hungry fans that couldn’t wait much longer.

Speaking on Twitter earlier this week, the co-founder of Sledgehammer Games (who are working on the title) answered selected questions about the upcoming title that is scheduled for release November 3rd 2017.

During the interaction, Michael Condrey gave a definitive answer when asked whether the unlimited sprint feature would be about to be carried over into the World War 2 based battle, to which he quickly said ‘Nope’.

The news will not surprise many that have been calling for a revert back to boots on the ground style gaming, put with the ability so widely used over the past few years, we know that some of you will miss the chance to cover the map as quickly as possible.


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