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FIFA 18 Not To Be Released For Xbox 360 or PS3?

With EA Sports saying that they were only going to support the last generation consoles until 2017 are we about to see them leave Xbox 360 and PS3 gamers in the stands as they release their latest FIFA 18 title?

fifa 18 not to be released on xbox 360 or ps3

With the prospect of being just weeks away from seeing what the latest addition to the FIFA gaming series has to offer, questions have started to circulate towards what last-generation console gamers will be faced with this time around, after EA Sports opted to serve up a less than impressive adaptation of their FIFA 17 offering.

While the latest generation of gaming consoles were able to support the games cross over to the Frostbite gaming engine, allowing the developers to roll out both ‘The Journey’ and enhanced gameplay physics, gamers that still used the last generation of consoles simply weren’t able to experience those core elements due to incompatibility issues.

The decision to not provide Xbox 360 and PS3 gamers with the same game lead to a wide outcry within the gaming market, with many claiming that the release created for those consoles were little more than scaled back, incomplete titles.

EA Sports have made no secret of their desire to begin to phase out development for their latest gaming titles for the older generation consoles and while previously they had said that they would do so until 2017, questions are being asked as to whether the upcoming releases of the EA Sports collective titles are going to support them at all.

The football series is not the first game to have been called out on their unwillingness to support older generation consoles either and it seems that as anticipation of what we can expect to see from EA Sports and the Frostbite engine this time around, those that are still using the last-gen platforms are having to consider either upgrading their console or possibly miss out on the latest releases later this year.

Unfortunately for those toying with the idea of upgrading their console, there will be a decision to make as with current console prices ranging around the £200 mark, we are set to also get the first look at what the next generation of consoles have to offer at E3 in June and thoughts are that they could be pushed to market towards the end of this year.


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