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Best After Shave Balm for Sensitive Skin

Are you looking for the best after shave balm for sensitive skin that the market has to offer in 2017 but don't know where to start? We have three front runners here that will be sure to sooth and hydrate.

best after shave balm for sensitive skin

While the era of the beard seems to still be very much alive, those of us that are looking for a clean, comfortable shave will be keen to know what is the best after shave balm for sensitive skin, especially if you have experienced razor burn before.

Packed full of potential suitors, finding the best product for you can be challenging at the best of times and with some better known brands sticking a hefty price tag on their grooming products, it can be hard to be able to put them to the test but we have done our research and now we can tell you which are the best aftershave balms for those of you with sensitive skin.

Cutting out all of the sales patter, we have been looking for the best after shave balm for sensitive skin and after weeks of searching, we have collated a list of the top five performers, delivering a soothing, cool and moisturised finish to your shaving process.

Never before has being able to combat shaving burn, dry skin and ingrowing hairs been as easy.

Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm

Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm

Cutting the formal introduction out, Nivea are one of the brands that you will not only have seen but be very aware of their statue within the skin care industry and with a history that shows that they are consistently producing products that work, their inclusion is naturally going to occur somewhere within our list.

Created for men with very sensitive skin, their Post Shave Balm utilises the brands experience within the skin care market and provides an alcohol-free solution to your post shave issues and with a reputation to uphold, there is no room for low quality products as the public can be very unforgiving.

The balm has even won over the female market, with make-up tutorials featuring the sensitivity of the balm but suggesting that their viewers consider using it as a foundation due to the skin related benefits that it delivers on application.

A very loose consistency means that if you are looking at buying the product, you get great value for money as a single pump of the auto portion dispenser gives you enough balm for a single application, reducing wastage and preventing you from having to wipe the excess into a towel as you literally wipe your money along with it.

While it may be from a mainstream brand, it tops the list of performers within the market and although you may think that it surely can’t measure up against some of the more boutique options out there, we can’t find any flaws that would warrant enough sway to make us think that you would be better spending twice as much for an alternative option.

Lather & Wood After Shave Balm

Lather & Wood After Shave Balm sandalwood

If you are looking to come away from the more mainstream brands and want to try an after shave balm with natural ingredients than you don’t need to look any further than Lather & Wood, but be prepared to pay a little more for the privilege of using a product from a brand specifically created for men’s shaving.

Boasting a strong scent of sandalwood oil, it combines a unique blend of natural oils and soothing agents to provide you with that post shave relief you need after a close shave and although at first impression the scent could be deemed as being a little too heavy, it does fade fairly quickly to a more suitable level.

One of the main aspects that we look at when it comes to finding the best after shave balm for sensitive skin is the consistency of the product, as we are against the use of thick or oily products as believe that these can contribute to further skin care issues, let alone proving to be more challenging for the skin to absorb.

While Lather & Wood Sandalwood After Shave Balm is thicker than the Nivea option that we have already shown you, it is still not what we would consider to be overly thick and thus would not be hard for the skin to benefit from, while giving you a slightly more substantial feel to it while applying.

Created from a brand designed for the men’s shaving care market alone, many do prefer to know that a brand’s core focus is that of the issues that they face and feel that means that their products are better.

One thing that you should consider is that although this is marketed as being alcohol-free, it is to a certain extent as it does not contain isopropyl that you would find in after shaves and colognes, however it does have white willow bark within its ingredients and that can have the same sort of properties as alcohol being within your product.

Although that is the case, they have considered that fact and have added soothing ingredients in a bid to eliminate the effects of that, adding Rosemary, witch hazel and organic coconut oil into their blend as they target issues related to wet shaving such as razor burn and sore skin.

Proraso Crema Liquida After Shave Balm

Proraso Crema Liquida After Shave Balm

Made in Italy these guys have been around the block more than once, entering into the skin care product market back in 1948, but although they have a history of taking care of men’s skin both pre and post shave there was a time that they feel out of touch with the market and continued to use a formula that was so full of alcohol, it was questioned whether it was too much.

After taking look at their products and high alcohol blend, they set about removing the alcohol completely in favour of natural moisturisers and oils and have seen their brand once again become a fantastic choice for caring for your skin from pre-shave through to the post shave process.

With just trace amounts of alcohol still remaining, they have created a blend of post shave balm that has become acclaimed for its ability to be able to moisturise and hydrate skin, helping it to naturally combat tough weather and even tougher stress filled days.

The product itself is the thickest of the three products that have mentioned thus far and that comes down to the fact that they have not used as much water within their formula as the other brands have, making it more of a thicker, cream consistency although it is very easily spread and applied.

With a large amount of natural oils found within it, the balm can be either the best thing that you can find on the market for hydrating and moisturising your skin or it can become the reason that you begin to break out with spots, all based on the amount that you apply and how well your skin absorbs it once applied.

Sold in a more traditional glass bottle, there is no portion sizing pump located on the top so you have to apply the product to your hand before applying to your face, but portion sizing is on your head, so make sure that you work on the basis that less is more on this one or risk creating an oily finish.

A fantastic quality that has some of the best hydrating qualities against dry skin that we have found but we would only suggest that those that are more experienced at skin care should entertain as getting your application wrong can result in further skin care issues due to too much oil being applied and your skin failing to be able to absorb it properly.

What Makes The Best Aftershave Balm for Sensitive Skin?

While we were looking for our champion, we have had to consider a number of factors in order to be able to determine which of the products we list as being the number one choice, but for that to be possible we need to think about things that we could score each product by.

In order to provide an honest and fair testing process, we took a look at the following aspects of using the products that we listed in our ladder above:

  • The post application comfort offered
  • Consistency
  • Absorption ease and speed
  • Scent
  • Alcohol level
  • Ability to sooth razor burn
  • Ingredients

In order to make this a fair test, we instructed one single tester to apply and grade each of the products that we provided to them over a calendar week period, wet shaving at least 3 times within the test week and following application instructions provided with each product.

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