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Play one of the biggest free online games that the industry has to offer, Slither.io online and take control of your snake that is looking to prove to the world that you are the alpha snake in the lobby. Try to eliminate others by making them run into your body and make sure that you eat their orbs to boost your size and become the biggest snake on the server.


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Slither.io has become a mega-hit within the free online gaming world and joins a number of IO games that have seen huge popularity since being released in 2006, developed by Steve Howse the game has become a popular choice for both free online games and the mobile gaming world.

Riding on the success of the Agar.io title within the same category, the chance to become a modern version of the old mobile classic ‘Snake’ as you navigate through the gaming area, trying to eat food and eliminate your rivals by making them run into you.

As you collect food and eliminate the rival snakes, your snake will grow in size and width making you more of a force within the lobby, giving you a bigger surface area for your opponents to run into but don’t get carried away, even as a bigger snake the smaller players are able to eliminate you as easily as you can turn them to mush.

The key to winning is a strategic battle, working out where you should be taking on your enemies and knowing when you should choose to fight that battle another time, doubling back on yourself to ensure that you don’t run into them on your battle for supremacy.

How to play Slither.io

Once you join the game you will take control of your own snake, that will automatically move forward and follow the direction of your mouse pointer as you try to steer your snake towards the pieces of food as you attempt to grow and become the biggest snake in the lobby.

Your snake will follow your pointer as you navigate the gaming area while you try to ensure that your rivals run into you, making use of your ability to rush them by clicking your mouse.


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